Automatic fire suppression systems

Powertech Feuerlöscher

The Powertech International fire suppression systems

  • Production in Germany - effective and reliable
  • Foam or powder as an extinguishing agent
  • Self-monitoring via ring detection line
  • Requires no elec­tri­cal power sup­ply
  • Minimal reconditioning effort after a release
  • Low ser­vice costs/operating costs
  • Quick avail­abil­ity of spare parts

Welcome to Powertech International

Your competent partner for automatic fire suppression systems.

Developing solutions that deliver 100% reliability protecting both people and assets without compromise

Save money in the event of a fire.

Having our systems installed – can decrease insurance costs.

Sectors we work with, our main business segments are:

  • Schoolbuses
  • Tunneling & Mining
  • Racing & Special Vehicle
  • Foresty
  • Marine
  • Train & Rails
  • Waste & Recyling
  • Any other applications available on request