Automatic fire suppression systems

The Powertech product portfolio can cover a large variety of applications, and selecting the best solution will not only offer the highest level of fire protection – it will also save you money.

Our technology can be focused on hazardous environment and will allow you to select either the PD (Direct) or PI (Indirect) system. Regardless of the system selected, the Powertech Tube is the reliable solution for detecting fire at its source quickly, before adjacent equipment can be damaged. Either system can utilise one of a variety of clean fire suppressing agents, selected specifically to suit the environment.

Powertech Indirekte Systeme

The Indirect System utilises the Powertech tubing as a detection-only device. When the tubing ruptures, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a network of braided hose or stainless steel tubing to strategically placed nozzles within the protected enclosure. Indirect systems are available with a manual release option which allows the operator to activate the system at the first sign of trouble.

  • Completely automatic 24/7 fire detection and suppression
  • Does not require any electrical power to operate
  • Optional isolation, shut down, remote activation and status indication units available
  • Safe for use on energised equipment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Completely prefabricated
  • Ideal for ATEX/flameproof areas due to no electrical requirements
  • Wide choice of extinguishing mediums available
  • Small easy storage
  • Flexible detection/discharge tube allows for quick and unobtrusive installation regardless of hazard shape